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Beautiful diamond paintings for everyone. Here you’ll find the best diamond paintings. We have also special paintings with led and accessories/tools.

Beautiful Peacock

Diamond Painting is a simple and enjoyable activity for young and old crafters all over the world. Based on the same concept as paint-by-numbers and mosaics, diamond painting uses tiny “Diamond”-like facets to create colorful designs and patterns for finished pictures that sparkle. Applying the diamonds is a simple three-step process that is very relaxing, providing hours of enjoyment as you re-create your design. Diamond Painting kits are available in different sizes and styles from simple to elaborate, so crafters of all skill levels can find a project to enjoy. After finishing your painting you will feel very proud on what you achieved and as a bonus you have something new to color up your living room. 
There are paintings on nearly every possible surface. On our site you will find handbags, clocks as well as notebooks or keychains. A very special painting is the LED Painting that will glow in the dark. In our shop there are also tools, accessories and even frames for you finished painting. 
We offer free shipping to many countries all over the world. The satisfaction of our customers is the most important thing for us. 

Cat in Cup

Diamond painting is also known as a very relaxable activity that gives your brain some mental free time. After painting you will feel like a new person. The strenght you gained while diamond painting will guide you through the day. 

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